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Indian Islamic Cultural Center (IICC): President is Sirajuddin Qureshi and vice president is Syed Mohammad Farooq.
Lodi Estate, New Delhi-110003
Phone: (0091-11) 24615126, 24601712, 24601881,

National Urdu Forum: chairman Dr. Anwar Pasha

United Muslim of India: a social, literary, and cultural organization. Maulana Mohammad Khalid Siddiqi of Lucknow is the president. Dr. Syed Ahmed Khan of Delhi is general secretary. [elected in Dec 2007]


Aaghaz Foundation: based in Lucknow.

Ajmal foundation: active in Assam.

Al-Hira Public School & Hostel:CBSE curriculum; hotsels for boys and girls; in Patna.

Al-Irfan Secondary School: Al Irfan CBSE English / Urdu medium Secondary & Senior Secondary School is a minority institution established in 1998 in Aurangabad.

Aligarh Muslim University : founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1877.

All India Muslim Educational Conference: Prof. Riazur Rahman Khan, General Secretary.

All India Ta'limi wa Milli Founation: President is Maulana Asrarul Haq Qasmi.

All India Tanzeem Ulema-e-Hind: Maulana Anzar Shah Kashmiri, President.

AMU Alumni Association of Northern California: awards scholarships for students of AMU.

Anjuman Khairul Islam: Established in 1927, it is active in Maharashtra. AKI runs 44 institutions serving 17,000 students. Mrs. Sayeeda Dadarkar is the General Secretary of AKI Trust.

Arabic-Persian Madrasa Board : chairman is Maulana Khalil Athar Ashrafi.

Association for Humanitarian Services And Solidarity (AHSAS): a non-profitable, non-political organization established and operated exclusively for literacy and educational purposes, including, welfare of the underprivileged people in India in general and Bihar & Jharkhand in particular.

Azad India Foundation: working in Kishanganj, Bihar.

Azim Premji Foundation: Azim Premji Foundation dedicates itself to the cause of Universalization of Elementary Education in India.

Bearys Group: manages group of schools and colleges in Karnataka.

Bihar Madrasa Education Board: Salahuddin Siddiqui, Chairman.

Darul Musannifin Shibli Academy: established by Allama Shibli Nomani.

Darul uloom Deoband : established on 30 May 1866.

Darul Uloom Sayeediya: based in Bangalore, propose to setup secular education along with religious education.

Darul Umoor : a modern madrasa in Bangalore.

Dawakhana Tibbiya College: of Aligarh Muslim University

Dr. Nakadar Institute of Knowledge: boarding school in Gujarat.

Faiz-e-Aam Muslim School: active in Faizabad and other districts of UP.

Fatima Educational and Health Trust: in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations: The federation is a non-profit, secular, non-partisan, and non-political organization serving Educational, Social, Literary and Cultural needs of the Community.

Firangi Mahal: based in Lucknow.

Foundation for Economic and Education Development: established in Hyderabad in 1996.

Ghousia College of Engineering: started in 1980 in Bangalore.

Grace Education Foundation: in Pune.

Jame-ul-Uloom: modern education with religious instructions. 1st to 10th class, in Bangalore.

Indian Muslim Education Foundation of North America (IMEFNA) : President Dr. Khurshid Mallick.

Insan Mission: Educational institution in Kishanganj, Bihar.

Integral University: A technical school established in 1993 in Lucknow, UP. It had grown rapidly to become a University.

International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance(IIIBF): offering online classes in Islamic finances.

Jamia Arabia Darussalam: Established in 2003 in Meerut, UP.

Jamia Hamdard: established by Hakeem Abdul Hameed in Delhi.

Jamia Millia Islamia : established in Aligarth in 1920 by Maulana Mehmud Hasan, Maulana Mohamed Ali, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari, and Abdul Majid Khwaja. Moves to New Delhi in 1925. It became a Central University in 1988.

Jamiatul Falah: Azamgarh, UP.

Jamiatul Hidaya: Jaipur, established in 1986.

Jamiat-ul-Mominaat: Institution of Islamic studies for women, Lucknow.

Khaja Banda Nawaz College of Engineering: established in 1980, Gulbarga, Karnataka.

League of Islamic Madrasas in India: Deoband, claims to represent 3000 madrasas.

Madina Public School: Hyderabad

Manara Academy: aims to establish futuristic schools of learning with nodes at multiple locations primarily for children and women in the state of Orissa, India.

Maulana Azad Education Foundation:

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Arabic, Persian Research Institute: in Tonk, Rajasthan.

Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization [MESCO]: a Mumbai based trust since 1968, providing help in educational and medical field.

Mohammad Ali Jauhar University: being established in Rampur, UP.

Momin's Students Welfare Trust : providing career guidance and coaching for students.
214, United School Building
Ilyasnagar, Bangalore - 560078

Muslim Association for the Advancement of Sciences(MAACS): Its goal is advancement of science and education among Indian Muslims.

Nadwatul-ulama: Lucknow, UP established in 1898.

Noorul Uloom Educational Society: established in 1989 in Aligarh by Professor Nafees Ahmad, former Professor of Biochemistry (Ophthalmology) and Proctor of Aligarh Muslim University.

Rahat Welfare Trust: based in Mumbai, working to promote the welfare of Muslim women and children, education and poverty relief.

Shah Waliullah Institute, Delhi. Director Maulana Ataur Rahman Qasmi.

Shaheen School & PU College: Residential school, also offers scholarship. Based in Bidar, Karnataka.

Sir Syed College: Taliparamba , Kannur ( Kerala)

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Foundation : works for social and educational upliftment of people residing in slums and rural areas in the state of Maharashtra.

Sir Syed Society for Promotion of Education, Enlightment and Communal Harmony(SPEECH): " A mission to spread modern education among under privileged" based in Dehradun.

The Students Islamic Trust: for the educational development of Muslim community in India.
TEL: 011-55738725/26927004, TeleFax:011-26929354 FAX: 011-26919076
sitdelhi@rediffmail.com, sitdelhi@yahoo.com

Aaghaz Foundation

Beginning Anew
We use education as a tool to effect socio-economic reforms in the minority community.


A silent movement to eradicate illiteracy from the minority community. We are a one-of-its kind Lucknow-based organisation committed to the cause of providing education to underprivileged minority students. Unable to meet the high costs, every year hundreds, possibly thousands of minority children are forced to discontinue their education. A recent study suggests that the school drop out rate is the highest among Muslim children.
Aaghaz Foundation prevents these budding careers from being nipped in the bud by paying off their school and college fees directly to their institutions. Already, several hundred minority students are benefiting from the unique scholarship programmes initiated by the Foundation.

Aaghaz Foundation is registered with the Society of Registrar under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.


People like you. A selfless group of individuals from different walks of life who are driven by a common agenda: Eradication of illiteracy from our community. Our members include men and women from diverse fields and different age groups.


Smartly. As soon as someone recommends us a student who needs financial support,
Aaghaz asks its members to volunteer for a pre-scholarship survey. A minimum of three volunteers are needed. The volunteers visit the student's house with a set of questionnaire based on objectively verifiable indicators to determine whether or not the student is eligible for scholarship.

The academic record of the student, his/her financial condition etc are among several key things that are taken into consideration by the volunteers. Priority is given to orphans and meritorious student.

Once it has been vetted, the case is discussed at our meetings (we meet once every month) and, subject to the findings of the survey, the scholarship is approved or rejected.


Take it from the community, give it back to the community. Aaghaz Foundation raises funds through generous contributions (minimum of Rs. 100/- or more per month) from members in India and abroad Thankfully, we have enough members to keep us running like a well-oiled machinery. And because the school/college fee of most of our students is sponsored either wholly or partially by some of our members, financial constraint has rarely been a problem.

When a student's case is brought to our notice we raise it in our monthly meetings. Case details of students are send out to our members and patrons on email and posted on www.aaghazfoundation.blogspot and invariably someone steps in to sponsor the fee of the child for one year under our adopt-a-child scheme.

Aaghaz Foundation also accepts Zakaat.

NOTE: Aaghaz Foundation doesn't accept any grant/aid from the government.


Scholarship is given for an academic session and subject to a student's performance, extended or withdrawn for another year. Members visit various colleges periodically to monitor their progress. Students given scholarship for higher education are made to sign a moral bond wherein they promise to return the funds (without interest) when they are in a position to do so. The bond has no legal sanctity.


Why education?
Because illiteracy is the single biggest factor for the problems bedeviling our community. It’s also responsible for unemployment and backwardness among Muslim.

What can we do?
Use education as a tool to effect socio-economic reforms in the community.
Provide financial assistance to deserving students who want to pursue their studies but don’t have the resources.

Capitalize on our numbers. One individual may not be able to help 10 others, but 10 individuals can certainly help one.

But why should I get involved? I am busy

If not you, then who? How long should we depend on the government. Isn’t this our social and moral responsibility to do something for our community.

How can I contribute?

Join Aaghaz by agreeing to contributing Rs 100 per month or more. Give suggestions. They are invaluable. Find us students who could benefit from Aaghaz.

Spread awareness about education and locate students who cannot pursue their studies because of lack of resources.

Sponsor a child. Details of students and there fee requirement is discussed in our monthly meetings and also posted on www.aaghazfoundation.blogspot.com from time to time. (We also have a website www.aaghazfoundation.com, but it’s not been updated so don’t bother looking at it. We are trying to revamp it and I will mail you the link when I am done).

What can we gain ?

Nothing materially. There are no tangible benefits for you, only Sawa'ab. Students availing our services will pass the baton to the next generation; even if they don’t at least their generation and hopefully, those after them would be educated.

Some clarifications

Aaghaz Foundation doesn’t have any political affiliations. No one has any vested interests in Aaghaz. Alhamdulillah, we all are doing fairly well in life.
Transparency is the key word. Accounts, records etc can be checked any time.
There are no personal gains to be made through Aaghaz.

The decision-making authority in Aaghaz Foundation is vested with an Executive Council comprising urban professionals. But this doesn’t imply that the Foundation belongs to an individual or group. We are all cogs in the machine. So you can be as much a part of Aaghaz as we are.

In keeping up with our guiding principles, not a single penny has been spent on the Foundation (all office expenditure, including stationary, postal expenses etc. are borne by the members voluntarily) nor was any grant accepted from any government/ private institution


From a small idea in October 2004, Aaghaz has now grown into a full fledged movement. At present Aaghaz is paying the fees of over 350 of students in various schools and colleges located throughout Lucknow. Unable to afford the high costs, most of these students would have been otherwise forced to discontinue their education.




Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation Limited: established in 1985, give loans and scholarships.

Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Board: established in 1955.
Razzack Manzil,A.P.Haj House,
Opp Public Gardens,
Phone: 040 - 66106248
Fax : 040 - 66106249

Bihar State Minorities Commission: Chairman is Mohammad Naushad

Central Haj Committee: constituted every year by the Government of India to manage affairs of Hajis going from India.

Central Waqf Council: Central council of state Waqf Boards.
site 2

Delhi Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation Ltd.(DSFDC): established in 1983 to provide financial assistance for economic development of scheduled caste and minorities of Delhi.

Delhi Minority Commission

Karnataka State Minorities Commission

Ministry of Minority Affairs

Maulana Azad Financial Corporation: in Maharasthra; provides loans on easy terms and on very low interest rate to members of the minority communities for starting small business.
Amin Patel, chairman; Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi, Husn Bano Khalifa, Ibrahim Pathan, and Sheikh Hasan are directors. [Dec 2007]

Minorities Financial and Development Corporation: set up on 30 Sept 1994 under section 25 of Companies Act of 1956. Corpus fund was Rs. 500 crore which in 2008 has become 750 crore.

Madhya Pradesh Madrasa Board: Mohammad Ghani Ansari, chairman; other members are Maulvi Nihal Ashraf, Hakim Quraishi, Sheikh Mateen Ahmad [MG June 2008]

MP State Minorities Commission: Omar Farook Khatani, Secretary. Anwar Mohammad Khan, Chairman. Sirajuddin, Secretary. minoritiescommission@rediffmail.com/minoritiescommission@hotmail.com

MP Waqf Board: B. R. Vishwakarma is the administrator.

National Commission for Minorities: established in 1978. Mohammed Hamid Ansari was made chairman in 2006; Lama Chosphel Zotpa and Harcharan Singh Josh have been appointed members of the minorities panel.

National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions: Nadeem Dehalwi is the coordinator. Main purpose is the creation of Central Madrasa Board.

Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee:

Tamil Nadu Wakf Board: chairman S. Hyder Ali (May 2007)

UP Madrasa Shiksha Parishad: Haji Rizwnul Haq of Jaunpur is appointed chairman. [Dec 2007]

UP Minorities Commission : Muhammad Shaikh is the Chairman (July 2006)

Ajmer Dargah Committee

Government Notification on 24 August 2007:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sections 5 and 6 of the Durgah Khwaja Saheb Act, 1955, the Central Government hereby appoints the following as members to the Durgah Committee, Ajmer, who are Hanafi Muslims, for a period of five years with effect from the date of publication of this notification in the Official Gazette, namely:

1. Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali: Amir Mahal, Royapettah, Chennai- 600014 ( elected Chairman by the Committee)
2. Haji Hafiz Wakil Ahmed: Gaon Paighambar Nagar, Post Maohna Paschim, Sultanpur, UP.
3. Mohammed Ilyas Qadri: 104/4, Kirdar Manzil, Andar Kote,
Ajmer- 305001, Rajasthan.
4. Prof. (Dr.) Ibraheem: C-91 Johri Farm, Noor Nagar Extension, Jamia Nagar, Okhla,
New Delhi.
5. Sohail Ahmad Khan: Qr. No. 3, South Gandhi Maidan, Patna-800001,
6. A. H. Khan Chowdhary: C-1/6,
Tilak Lane, N.D.
7. Mr. Tirmizi: D-4, Alif Apartments, Faiz Mohammed Society, Jain Merchant P.T. College Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
8. Mr. Shaikh: Munshi Cottage, Opp. Shalimar Cinema, Shah-e-Alam, Ahmedabad,
9. Mr. Muallim, At & Post Nandgaon, Tal: Murud-Janjira, Distt-Raigad, Maharasthra.

[as reported in Muslim India: November 2007]


Asian Age : One of the leading dailies of India. Editor : M. J. Akbar.

Islamic Voice : Monthly from Bangalore, India since January 1987. Executive Editor: Nigar Ataulla.

Mid Day Leading daily newspaper of Mumbai.

Milli Gazette: fortnightly published from Delhi, now in its 6th year of publication. Editor Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan son of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

Muslim India : monthly edited by Syed Shahabuddin. 

Radiance viewsweekly : Weekly started in July 1963. Editor: Ejaz Ahmed Aslam.

Samarsam: Tamil Fortnightly.

Telugu Islamic Lit: Publisher of Islamic books in Telugu language.



Alternative Investment and Credit Limited : started in Kerala in 2002 to provide interest free loans, KK Ali is the CEO.

hidayaa.com: Screening and analysis of shariah compliant stocks.

Idafa.com: Shariah compliant stocks investment firm.

IslamicEquicty.co.in run by Parsoli Corporation, Ahmedabad based public limited company. Islamic wealth management system


Haji Abdul Majid Memorial Hospital & Research Centre: in Assam.

:Sanchetna Community Health and Research Center: Ahmedabad based.

Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR): President Advocate Yousuf Hatim Muchhala.


Mohammedan Sporting Club : Kokota, established in 1891.
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