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Ansari FamilyAnsari (Arabic: انصاری) is a Nesbat in Middle East and South Asia. It originates from Ansar (Arabic: انصار) the Medinan people that helped Islamic prophet Muhammad when he migrated from Mecca to Medina. The literal meaning of Ansar is supporters.


Indian & Pakistani Usage

The Ansari surname goes as far as being used in Pakistan, northern India and Bangladesh, to show a lineage or ancestral link to the Ansar of Medina. Ansaris in the Indian Subcontinent hail both from the Shi'a and Sunni Muslim schools of thought. Over a period of time, others, and many of the new Muslim converts, in India also identified themselves as Ansari, to show reverence to their Islamic faith. Many of these in northern India and Pakistan were involved in fabric manufacturing i.e. weavers.

This is a Network for the Ansaris all over the world. Mainly meant to promote discussion on Ansaris especially related to its developement and people.

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